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  1. All current + future themes
  2. Access to technical support1 year
  3. Advanced Support Assistance1 year
  4. Quickstart package
  5. Frequent Theme Updates
  6. Editable CSS files



per year

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  1. One theme
  2. Access to technical support1 year
  3. Advanced Support Assistancex
  4. Quickstart package
  5. Frequent Theme Updates
  6. Editable CSS files

vip support


2 months priority support

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  1. 24/7 Ticket Support
  2. Rapid response (from 1 to 6 hours)
  3. Minor custom work
  4. Technical consultations
  5. Free theme installtion
  6. More Details

If you have any pre-sale questions related to pricing please have a look at our FAQ section or Contact Us directly.

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Pricing FAQ

Have some questions before purchase? Here are few pricing FAQ.

What is the difference between the Single and All Theme packages?

The single theme package includes one WordPress theme of your choice from our collection that you may use without restriction. The All Theme package includes access to every one of our WordPress themes, including any future releases, with no restriction on use.

Can I upgrade from the Single package to the All Theme package?

If you’ve purchased a Single Theme package in the past and would like to upgrade to All Theme package, you need only pay the difference between the Single Theme and All Theme price, which is currently $130. To arrange for this upgrade, please contact our Billing team via our Support Desk.

What does the VIP Support package include?

The VIP Support package includes: rapid response to any technical queries (from 1 to 6 hours), quickstart package installation, minor custom work such as changes to the structure of the page, modifications to the appearance of specific template elements, adjustments to page structure etc., consult on more complex configuration issues and performance queries. During this 2 months period you will also have access to high-level technical support direct from our developers via our Support Desk.

What kind of support do you offer?

All our Single and All Theme package customers are entitled to post technical support requests to our Support Desk without limit, and may download any updates released for their purchased theme(s). VIP Support subscribers will have access to VIP support and support desk as well as updates while their subscription is active.

Can I use a theme on multiple sites?

Yes, you can use our themes as many times as you like and on as many different domains as you need. There are no limits.

Can I use a theme for my clients?

Yes, you are free to use our themes to build websites for your clients. We love providing developers with beautiful design choices for their clients!

Can I use your themes with WP.Com?

Unfortunately does not allow the use of custom themes. If you would like to use a custom theme, you will need to install

Does the membership auto renew?

No, the payment only processes once and it doesn’t auto charge or renew. To renew the membership, you have to re-purchase another year.